Chris Andersen

Special guest

CEO - Be Destined

Born to a family of entrepreneurs, Chris was inspired to spend the last 35 years building businesses.

As an owner himself, he understands the heart and soul owners invest into their businesses and the significance of their legacy. Chris connects with each owner’s story and uses his experience to communicate the unique value of their journey.

Chris built and sold multiple businesses which led him to found Atlas Capital Strategies, Inc., a boutique investment bank. At Atlas he used his experiences to make the sale of a business easier and more enjoyable for the owners. After working with dozens of owners Chris recognized an opportunity to improve the health and sustainability of businesses prior to a transition and joined forces with Adrian to found Destined.

Working with entrepreneurs gets Chris out of bed in the morning, he is energized by watching them learn, grow, and achieve their legacy. He is an active member in the San Francisco business community where he serves on many boards and advisory panels. A dedicated Giants fan, Chris is often rooting the team on or enjoying adventurous travel with his family.

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