Colleen McKenna

Special guest


Everyone needs to advance their business and career initiatives.

Since 2011, my team and I have coached and trained clients to maximize digital strategies and gain digital proficiency. LinkedIn is where we begin.

Our It's Business, Not Socialâ„¢ method guides clients looking to attract clients and talent and further their employee's digital effectiveness and skill set.

My team and I believe in creating new services and offerings that fit the world we live in with a nod to what can be, not what was.

I surround myself with the expertise, wisdom, and joy of leaders worldwide who generously encourage and inspire my thinking. I also rely on our team of talented and highly-skilled specialists to serve our clients well.

In a career that spans 25+ years, I've focused on developing revenue, launching new business units and projects, managing client and partner relationships, and serving on leadership teams. In each role, I sought to lead with intention, purpose, and a curious spirit.

As an entrepreneur, mother, friend, partner, I lead with grit, purpose, and optimism from my strengths as a creator, people maximizer, learner, and activator. I believe in people and their potential.

If you are committed to advancing how you and your company show up online or are an individual in a job or career transition, I invite you to learn more about us and connect with us through LinkedIn or our website.

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