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Ep001: Defining Your Podcast Audience with Ilse Rew

March 25th, 2021

Today on the first episode of Podcasting Stories, I'm talking with Ilse Rew, the Chief Operating Officer for the Houston-based CPA firm Briggs & Veselka.

Ilsa is considering starting a podcast, so we had a great conversation answering some of her questions and talking about the ways she's thinking of using a podcast for her firm.

We also talked about the history of Briggs & Veselka, what they've done in terms of marketing so far, and how a podcast will fit in with that.

Ilse also had a great perspective into why she's such a fan of outsourcing technical tasks.

This was a fascinating interview. Ilse is great to talk with & her insights will be interesting to anyone thinking about a podcast for their business.


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