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Ep006: The Soul of Enterprise with Ron Baker

May 21st, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Ron Baker.

Ron's name will be familiar to many of you in financial/professional services as the author of many books, including 'Professional's Guide to Value Pricing' and 'Pricing on Purpose,' but today I wanted to speak to him about how his businesses have been helped by his podcast, The Soul of Enterprise.

I interviewed Ron earlier in the year for my tax podcast, The IC-DISC Show. I shared the story of how his work has literally added millions of dollars of value to my businesses. In that show, Ron shared how his podcast had become a way to reinforce those principles in an easy-to-consume, accessible format.

He's been podcasting for seven years, closing in on 350 episodes, and had several great perspectives based on that experience:

  • A podcast builds rapport with listeners in a way that's hard to do in other formats,
  • You'll meet potential customers who feel like they know you already,
  • Don't be afraid of reaching out to people you may otherwise be uncomfortable speaking to,
  • Asking someone to be a guest is always well received,
  • Don't underestimate the halo effect of a podcast,
  • Your podcast will reaffirm your position as the leader in your niche.

There really was a lot in this episode, and if you've ever considered a podcast, Ron's experience will confirm it's a great idea.


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