Podcasting Stories

Ep008: Building a Community with Chris Kolkhorst

June 11th, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Chris Kolkhorst, a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in high school. He's since successfully built and exited several more and continues to identify new business opportunities.

Chris has a great story, and we had the chance to talk about the life lessons he learned being a member of a national college championship baseball team and his post-college baseball career.

He's interested in having two different podcasts, one for his current insurance business and another for his passion project called, The Gritman Club.

We used the Podcast Scorecard to look for opportunities, and he scored 80 out of 96, a pretty high score and an indication that he's a great fit for a podcast. We drilled deeper into some of the scorecard questions and explored some different ways he can make the most of a podcast.

Chris is a really interesting guy and someone who's just fun to hang out with. This episode brings out a great mix of good stories and helpful strategies.


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