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Ep025: Insights from a New Podcaster with Chris Hanslik

October 15th, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Chris Hanslik, Chairman of the Houston law firm of Boyar Miller.

Chris was an early guest on my original podcast, the IC-DISC show, and following that became one of the first clients at YourPodcast.team. He was also the first client to publish 10 episodes of his show.

In today's show, we hear more about why Chris decided to launch a podcast, his experience so far, and the lessons he's learned from the first 10 episodes.

We also learn if Chris had to do it all over again, would he still launch a podcast? We also discussed one of his business setbacks and what he learned from it.

If you have ever considered having your own podcast, this episode has a lot of great insights from someone who launched their podcast just three months ago.


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