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Ep027: Creating Stories with Bob Kulhan

October 29th, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Bob Kulhan, founder and CEO of Business Improv, a corporate training and development firm that helps cultivate leadership and communication skills through team building games and improv.

Bob founded the business more than two decades ago, inspired by his career as an improvisation performer. They provide a high-end, up-on-your-feet opportunity to experience improv and improve leadership, team-building, and innovation, and he shares a great example of a dysfunctional leadership team that was transformed by the process in less than a year.

He's also intrigued by how a podcast could serve as a storytelling platform for his business and allow him to further his creativity in collaboration with his guests.

Bob is a really interesting guy who's been able to combine his vocation with his avocation. If you have ever considered having your own podcast, this episode has a lot of great ideas for starting your podcast.


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