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Ep016: A Sense of Purpose with Eryn Anitavi

August 13th, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Eryn Anitavi of Sapphire Partners in Seattle, a firm that specializes in on-demand, Chiefs of Staff, which could be thought of as very high-level Executive Assistants.

We start the conversation by learning more about her firm and how Eryn stumbled into this business before talking more about how a podcast could amplify the message and brand of her firm.

We also dive deep into her Podcast Scorecard and look at a number of ways in which a podcast could be beneficial to the firm and how to think about that as an investment.

If you've ever considered your own podcast, this episode has a lot of great ideas, and Eryn's passion and sense of purpose in her business is an inspiration to any entrepreneur.


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