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Ep017: Removing Pain Points with Ryan Seifert

August 20th, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Ryan Seifert of Teric Technology right here in Houston, Texas.

Teric Technology is an IT Consulting firm, but they have a very different approach than any other IT firm I've seen because they start with a strict focus on the pain points of the CEO personally.

These pain points often highlight the underlying issues of business process breakdown, or inefficiency, that Ryan and his team can improve by the strategic implementation of technology.

Ryan's also intrigued by how a podcast could enhance the credibility of the firm, increase awareness, and help to accelerate trust with potential clients, as well as establishing an educational foundation by sharing client success stories.

He's a dynamic technology expert and a savvy entrepreneur. If you've ever considered having your own podcast, this episode has many great ideas on ways a podcast might be beneficial.


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