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Ep026: Showcase Strategic Partners with Jeff Pawlow

October 22nd, 2021

Today on Podcasting Stories, we're talking with Jeff Pawlow, the President of Engineered Tax Services, the nation's premier tax credit and incentive firm who marries the science of engineering with the principles of tax & accounting.

Jeff was recently promoted to President as a result of his firm, The Growth Partnership, merging with Engineered Tax Services, and in this episode, we learn about the history of both firms and the potential synergies that led to the merger.

Like many of our guests, Jeff is intrigued about the ways a podcast can amplify the message of the combined firm, but he's also thinking about using the podcast as a way to showcase key strategic partnerships.

If you've ever considered having your own podcast, this episode has a lot of great ideas on ways a podcast can be beneficial to you, your partners, and your potential clients.


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